This is not medicine, it is PHYSICS. Rodolfo Luthe
This is not chemistry, it is PHYSICS. Roger Glücke

Everything is energy and this is all there is. Match the frequency of reality That you want and you can not fail to get that reality. It can not be other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
Albert Einstein

Testimony of neural networks and the intellectual multilevel research system.

The ecuation is: IMn=(mK)n; K=c2/E; where IM is the Mental Intention, m people in Life Quality, n believers, E energy, c lightspeed.

Testimony, in 1658, without the equation of neural networks
The Knight Kenelm Digby, Chancellor of the Queen of Great Britain, in 1658, presented the extraordinary healing, distant, placing bloody bands in a vessel with water and ferrous sulfate, avoiding that they cut off James Howell's hand for gangrene. Neural networks were not known yet.